Our First Grade Program is designed for children between six and seven years of age depending on their birth date.  Children who are age six by September first or have attended a kindergarten class.

Our goal is to provide your child with the tool necessary to insure future learning success.  The First Grade Program will refine their social, emotional and cognitive development.  This includes improved reading, writing and math skills and a seamless transition to second grade.

Language Arts

Phonics and Reading

  • Recognition of name, sound, and picture of long and short vowels and consonants

  • Sounding of blends, one- and two-vowel words, and words with special sounds

  • Beginning phonics rules and special sounds

  • Reading of sentences and stories

  • Books containing one- and two-vowel words and extended special sounds

  • Sight words

  • Spelling patterns


  • Words,

  • Sentences

  • Composition

  • Mechanics

  • Ideas


  • Recognition of sentences

  • Capital letters

  • Periods


  • Poems, memory verses, and rhyme’s committed to memory


  • Plants

  • Animals

  • Health and Human Biology

  • Earth and Space

  • Weather

  • Seasons


  • Number recognition, counting, and writing 1–1000

  • Number concepts 1–1000

  • Numbers before and after 1–1000

  • Numbers largest and smallest 1–1000

  • Counting and writing by tens to 1000

  • Counting and writing by fives to 1000

  • Counting and writing by twos to 1000

  • Number sequences by ones

  • Using number words 1–10 and first–tenth

  • Value of coins and dollar bill

  • Telling time

  • Using the calendar

  • Days of the week


  • Addition facts through 100

  • One-step story problems in addition

  • Subtraction facts through 100

Social Studies

  • Community Helpers

  • Children of the World

  • America: Our Great Country

  • Map studies

  • Famous Americans

  • Beginning Utah History


  • Songs

  • Memory verses

  • Lessons such as the Creation, Noah…

Fine Arts

  • Beginning Music

  • Arts and Crafts