Explorers Christian Academy has developed the following core values to provide a firm foundation for our school.

  1. Christian administration and faculty model Christ in teaching and leading.
  2. All programs, academic, sports, after school, and music, exhibit Christ-centered leadership.
  3. High academic standards are maintained with internal and external evaluation welcomed.
  4. The curriculum and other programs are focused on excellence.
  5. The environment is loving, supportive and nurturing for children, families and staff.
  6. The process of the integration of faith and learning in all academic disciplines is maintained.
  7. Organizational practices such as business, development, marketing, personnel and government are all Christ-centered.
  8. The teaching of the Bible as a core subject is essential to the academic curriculum.
  9. Professional development and resources are vital for growth of the school.
  10. The teaching/learning process at EXPLORERS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY reflects a Christ-like sensitivity.
  11. Students learn how to process information in the context of a biblical Christian world view.



At EXPLORERS CHRISTIAN ACADEMY our vision is Building Christ-centered foundations for service to God and academic excellence.

Explorers Christian Academy | Extended Care | Curriculum Based

We exist to provide the very best educational ministry possible for your child. We believe your child is capable of great things and that these years are foundational for their sense of wonder and worth. Everything we do is based on our belief that every person deserves love, kindness and acceptance because God loves everyone. Your child and your family are unique and we desire to connect with you at a personal level to better serve you.

We want you as a parent to know that your child is growing in their whole person everydayat our school. We are passionate about their academic, spiritual and social skills developing at age appropriate levels. We believe every child is curious and capable of learning at any age. We can't wait to see what your child discovers everyday as they explore the world around them.

Our school desires to be the very best at caring for your greatest treasure, your child.

We want to thank you for considering Explorers Christian Academy as a partner with your family in providing loving care for your children.

Many Blessing,

Ann M. Simpson, Executive Director, Explorers Christian Academy